Article: Critical Appraisal of Quantitative Research Articles

I can identify with novice researchers or scholarly consumers of quantitative research literature who are learning to recognized and interpret quantitative research studies. Learning the language of quantitative research for some is like learning a new language. Staying committed to learning by all means necessary for successfully obtaining that understanding that you seek is a pearl […]

Article: Critically Appraising Quantitative Studies

Every researcher has a responsibility to protect the participants in an investigation. As part of their investigation researchers ask specific questions then use their intuition, curiosity, training, and statistics to answer the research question. Good scientists do not simply make decisions; instead, they use tools to determine the best course of action to make informed […]

Article: A Critical Critique of Two Research Studies: Article One

A Critical Critique of Two Research Studies I reviewed and critiqued Yost’s (2006) and Sewell’s (2015) qualitative research studies, primarily to evaluate how well I was doing in developing my dissertation research plan (DRP) which was a qualitative study and was in the infancy stage at the time. This was one of the best decisions […]

Engaging Learners In Reflective Practice: Part 4 Of 4

How Data can Support Reflective Practice Reflective practice is a teaching strategy for improving teaching and learning which emphasizes learning as a personal, internal process of making meaning. Through reflective practice, learners adopt the acquired knowledge, then use that knowledge to modify their thinking, revise, integrate, and accommodate new knowledge. Developing an evaluation tool which […]