Part 3 of 3: The Adult Education Movement

Examples of Teaching and Learning Experiences It is clear from this review that educational theorist and their theories have been influential in enriching learning experiences for both learners and educators throughout the years. These educational theories also created challenges for educators to design programs which were more action based for diverse learners, rather than continuing […]

Part 2 Of 3: The Adult Education Movement

Acceptance of Andragogy in Adult Education The term andragogy has its historical roots in education. Andragogy was coined by a German teacher who used it to describe elements of Plato‚Äôs education theory. The term disappeared until around 1921 when Eugen Rosenback posed andragogy as the method for the German people to regenerate themselves and their […]

Part 1 of 3: The Adult Education Movement

As I contemplated how adults learn, it quickly became clear that learning is a complex process and adult learners are complex beings. Our motivation to learn, which changes during the different stages and needs of life, no doubt add to the complexity of learning. Arguments distinguishing how children and adults learn have existed for decades […]

Part 5: Overview Of The Evaluation Setting: Findings and Conclusion

The Oklahoma University and the Veteran Administration teaching hospitals implemented the Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) model as part of a collaborated partnership. The intended goal of implementing the DEU was to ensure graduates have the nursing skills and competencies to meet the health care needs of an increasingly diverse population in the local and surrounding […]