One of my favorite sayings is, If you can think it, someone else has already done it. If not, then you need to do it. This saying sums up the motivation behind writing this book. While going through the Ph.D. program, I found dissertation books but none which shared examples of milestone approval documents. I was also unable to find books that really delved into the ideas and thoughts that went into creating documents from a Ph.D. scholar’s lived experience. In writing this book, I focus on taking readers behind the scenes of what it was like aligning the major components of the dissertation. I used a skeleton view to break down the major components of the research plan and explain what were the expectations to align these components to get approval from mentor and committee members. Also, included in this book are the initial and final conference call with speaker’s notes, as well as a detailed table of what editors look for before approving the dissertation manuscript before publication. Since this book was based on writing my dissertation, it provides an excellent summary of my research which investigated factors that influence nurse preceptors role in precepting BSN students.

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Example of what you will find in Chapter 4 Pre-defense and Chapter 8 Final Defense Call.














Good after Chair and Committee member, thank you for your help on this dissertation journey and thank you for being here today.

My dissertation title is, qualitative study to investigate factors influencing preceptors’ role in precepting BSN students. The concept of the nurse preceptor issue originated after reflecting on my experiences as a nurse preceptor, as a BSN student, and on my collective observations over the years working as a staff nurse in clinical settings. Ultimately, the literature was leveraged and I was motivated to continue to explore this topic because of a dichotomy that existed in the preceptorship literature.

Example of what you will find in Chapter 7 Final Reviewers Edits

This chapter goes over revisions made prior to submitting the dissertation for publication.

Reviewers Comment/Feedback Examples Revision
Should not use words like today or currently as when this is read 5 years from now, it will no longer be today. Evidence indicates that today’s nursing graduates

Perhaps due to the lack of preceptor training, some of today’s nursing graduates.

Evidence indicates that nursing graduates

Perhaps due to the lack of preceptor training, some nursing graduates

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