Educate, train, and assist nurses personally and professional.

Empowering Nurses to Grow Holistically.

FocusĀ of Website:
My primary objective to starting FeelGoodNurse.Org, is to provide a platform for nurses to join in nursing conversations while providing valuable, helpful, and informative content to take care of themselves. I believe that when nurses are empowered they can operate at optimum levels which will change the landscape of how nurses provide services to patients.

Goals for Website:

  • Establish, maintain, and sustain webpage/blog site.
  • Author blog posts that are enriching and help nurses think about personal and professional topics and issues in a new light.
  • Provide opportunities for nurses to author blogs on topics they are passionate about.
  • Listen to nurses and provide resources to help us grow holistically as individuals and professional nurses.
  • Be available to mentor and provide counseling to nurses advancing themselves through all levels of the nursing continuum; from those who are just looking to begin nursing through to nurses working toward a PhD/DSN.

Dr. Francella Smoker

Founder: Fran Smoker

Web Designer/Administrator:
My husband, Edward.