Different Faces of Ethics: Making Ethically Correct Decisions: Part 3 of 3

Although morals and ethics may be viewed as interchangeable, ethics covers a process of determining right from wrong conduct whereas morals are personal principals that are acquired from life experiences, family, peer relationships, religion, culture, and even the law. Nurses advocate for the legal and ethical rights of patients as well as to protect the […]

Different Faces of Ethics: A Researcher’s Ethical Conscience in Conducting Research: Part 2 of 3

The saying; much has to be sacrificed before a victory can be won, sums up the historical events and unethical transgressions of researchers who put research subjects through challenging ordeals before the stage was set for the establishment of regulations protecting human participants. The unethical research that occurred in the Tuskegee Experiment and Laud Humphrey’s […]

Different Faces of Ethics: Educational Institutions and Ethics: Part 1 of 3

Values provide individuals with a moral compass of right and wrong as well as establish a code of living. Ethics, like values, are individualistic and both values and ethics are shaped by previous experience, education, and the environment. Academic leaders and faculty are responsible to maintain a safe culture and shared perceptions of what is […]


Teenagers are a diverse social group with their own beliefs, values, attitudes, expectations, and behaviors. These can differ widely and reflect accumulated knowledge, individual experiences, as well as a broad range of social and cultural influences. Today’s teens like to be in control, managing their lives and the things within it such as technology and […]