Zero Tolerance for Bullying

Bullying is a real phenomenon in the workplace and it affects nurses of all ages and levels of experience. According to Townsend (2016), forms of bullying include personal attacks such as isolation, intimidation, and humiliation. These forms of bullying can cause erosion of professional competence, reputation, damage professional identity, and limit career opportunities. Bullying, in […]

Working in a Correctional Facility: Part 3

Even though I have been a nurse for many years, I had no prior experience working in a correctional facility, nor did the conversation of working with prisoners ever come up. Two words summed up my orientation to a correctional facility; situational awareness. In fact, situational awareness applies to become most any correctional staff member. […]

Working in a Correctional Facility: Part 2

Oklahoma’s Incarceration Rates Stand out Internationally It was astounding to discover that Oklahoma is rated number one in the nation for incarcerating women, about 151 out of every 100,000 women, which is double the national average. Nearly 80% of Oklahoma’s incarcerated women are non-violent offenders and their presence in Oklahoma correctional facilities is largely attributable […]

Working in a Community Correctional Facility: Part 1

These series of blogs will provide insight into providing nursing services to prisoners of war and working in a correctional facility Iraq War 2003 Prior to providing nursing services to prisoners in a correctional facility my closest experience working with prisoners was during my deployment in 2003 in support of Iraq Freedom. At the time […]