Nursing Documentation And The Electronic Health Record: Part 2 Of 2

Barriers Barriers nurses face as they transition from paper to electronic charting, as described by Kunz (2010), were the logon and logoff process, dead computer batteries, missing power cords, misplaced laptops, resistance to change, and time management. On the other hand, Berner (2008) explained challenges encountered from using electronic systems, according to the general agreement […]

Nursing Documentation and the Electronic Health Record: Part 1 of 2

Nursing Documentation and the Electronic Health Record There is enormous pressure on all health care providers to document care in a succinct, accurate, and focused manner towards clinical outcomes. Due to the metamorphic nature of America‚Äôs health care system, it comes as no surprise that patient care documentation must follow suit in moving from paper-based […]

MiNurse: The year 2040: Part 4 of 4

The Economic Impact of MiNurse From an economic standpoint, America spends more than $2 trillion annually on healthcare and, despite spending more than any other nation, the United States only ranks poorly in the world in life expectancy. With the introduction of the Obama Care package, Americans could be covered by insurance for medical care, […]

MiNurse: The year 2040: Part 3 of 4

Evidenced-based research shows that health care informatics incorporating information technology [IT] will enhance patient safety by standardizing, flagging errors, and eliminating handwritten data. As such, the incorporation of MiNurse technology eliminated redundancies and duplication of documentation, reduced errors, eliminated interruptions for missing supplies, equipment, and medications, and eased access to data thereby allowing the nurse […]

MiNurse: The year 2040: Part 2 of 4

The technology of MiNurse allowed for the seamless integration of updated information and has proven to be the most beneficial advancement in the field of nursing in recorded history. The MiNurse system is essentially a series of interlinked computers which have drastically changed the way in which nursing interventions are conducted. By integrating MiNurse with […]